Linbrooke TNS.

Our first project with Linbrooke was an office redesign. After talking to the client and their staff, we realised the company ethos was very driven, positive and all about empowering their workforce.

With this in mind we asked their staff for their favorite positive quotes and added them to the office walls, using the Linbrooke signal pulse logo to join them up. The kitchen environment was designed to encourage staff to come away from their desks, allowing them to go back to work feeling refreshed and energised.

Now that we’d established a great relationship, Linbrooke invited us back to design their training centre. We created a replica train station along with an indoor signal track that linked to live updates from Sheffield station, meaning staff could practice in real time.

The Fine Details

The training centre was such a success for this niche industry, the Secretary of State for Transport sent a personal message of congratulations on the day it opened. It also attracted significant media attention.

Large graphics were used as teaching aids to create a visually inspiring environment.